Money is Important.
Budget Management.

There are many keys to the success of your project, but one of the most critical is cost management. In today’s world of fast moving projects, from design concept through construction, it is important that we provide our clients with accurate and timely budget information and cash flow projections each step of the way to avoid unforeseen cost and budget over-runs. Project cost information is provided in real time thus allowing our clients to make critical location, concept and design decisions as quickly as possible while at the same time understanding the budget impact of those decisions.

Our ultimate goal is managing your project’s budget to ensure you receive the best possible value for Dollars spent while maximizing the quality, fit and finish of your project.

As Simple as it sounds.
Project Management

Project Management is easy when someone else is doing it.

I can manage specifically defined projects on a case-by-case basis. My highly flexible approach allows me to add value by managing any or all activities such as phasing schedules, budget conceptualization, cost tracking against project budget, project accounting, consultant selection and coordination, quality control, safety, information management and project closeout.

  1. Know the scope of your project.
  2. Be aware of how the project is tracking.
  3. Set and meet deadlines & cost projections.
  4. Review the successes and failures.
Let Me Help

Executive Coaching.

Most employees learn how to manage from their earlier bosses. Unfortunately, there are few great leaders in the business world, so most people learn bad habits. These habits are then nurtured by pressure sensitive workplace environments. Executive coaching isn’t replacing a good mentor, but it’s the next best thing.

My mission is to improve the overall quality of higher management so that leaders and their employees are successful. A thriving team generally is found behind a sacrificial leader. We work with new, transitioning, and struggling managers and executives who are seeking blunt but honest feedback, practical suggestions, and support for change.


What's important to understand is, when I am hired to help, I work hard to understand the problem, communicate solutions, and assist in the implementation.

Strong Team = Successful Team / Relationship Building.

Everyone has had to work with those one or two people that they just can’t stand. It’s miserable. The truth is, a lot of the time, there is a personality barrier between you and these people that is cause by a lacked of understanding. Using a combination of tools, I can assess the team, spot the differences, and implement tactics to remove barriers that cause team split.

  • Connector.

    Find the differences.

    There are a number of exercises that I will facilitate to effectively find the disconnect.

  • Connector.

    Educate the team

    The team needs to know where the differences are and why they are causing the divide.

  • Connector.

    Implement the change

    “The change” is not as bad as it sounds. This normally involves team building activities that are not your typical “stand up and tell us 3 things you like to do…”

Because it matters.
Business Consulting.

Your business may be well established or just getting started. Either way, a catalyst is often necessary to jump-start operations for your business to reach the next level. I will be that catalyst and help accelerate your business to new heights.

The most enduring companies plan on 3-5 year, one year, and 90-day strategic goal. Energy is put into developing key objectives every quarter, and achievements are managed weekly. I can also help you outline and achieve those objectives with the following documents to help accelerate your business.

If your business requires a well-written and tailored solution, contact a professional to develop a strategic business plan. A well written strategic business plan is the one document that can be used to achieve the following:

  • Reinforce or create the culture of the organization
  • Share management’s view of where the company is and their vision of where the company is going
  • Align the efforts of the entire workforce
  • Guide decisions and actions throughout the year
  • Define short and long term goals
  • Set clear measurable milestones that mark progress towards important goals
  • Define metrics that can be used daily/weekly to measure short term progress and afford accountability

Make it look good. Strategic marketing Planning.

Many agencies claim to develop a strategic marketing strategy. What they really provide is generally-written, self-serving strategy with little impact on company growth. With that, you are often faced with executing this strategy on your own.

That’s not how it works…

I am responsible for implementing and executing the marketing strategy that I have written. This is the main reason why I make sure the strategy is practical, highly detailed and actionable. This sense of ownership is crucial to achieving the results, revenue and profitability your strategy is designed to generate. I will clearly explain how I am going to take you from where you are now to our end goal.